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Permaculture projects appropriate for Zone 1

Creating Places: Four Corner Tree Hammock

When I was a kid summer was all about building forts. Tree forts, earth forts, pillow forts, bark houses – you name it, I built it. I’ve always loved creating spaces that I loved to be in, and interestingly enough, other people loved those spaces too. Much like the forts of childhood, these spaces are not imposed on a place, but emerge from it. People like spaces that harmonize with what is already present in the environment. This is the story of one of my more recent ‘place makings’, a four corner hammock woven in place and suspended amidst four trunks of an English Walnut tree. Continue reading Creating Places: Four Corner Tree Hammock

DIY: Build Your Own Automated Misting Bed

So you’ve finally gotten that piece of land to start your homestead, you’ve done your site plan and installed your mainframe earthworks. Now its time to plant!

But wait, all of those plants cost money! And not just pocket  change, but some serious dough! If each fruit tree you plant also needs a comfrey, two perennial culinary herbs, a groundcover and a perennial flower you’re looking at a hefty plant bill really fast.

Even small earthworks on small properties have room (especially with a permaculturist’s eye) for hundreds, if not thousands of understory plantings. Groundcovers, herbs, flowers, shrubs, berries, vines – you name it, we can always fit one more plant!

If you’ve looked at retail prices for plants like these it becomes quickly obvious that even to minimally plant a 10′ x 10′ area you could be looking at hundreds of dollars in plant costs.

Thats where the value of propagating your own plants really comes into play.  Its literally like printing money!

In this post I’ll show you how I built one of the key elements in our homestead-scale nursery, the automated misting bed, to allow us to propagate valuable plants by the thousands for planting out a developing farm. Continue reading DIY: Build Your Own Automated Misting Bed

Garden Metamorphosis

The visual journey of creating a garden from nothing, sometimes planning, sometimes reacting, but always having a blast!

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Wicking Bed Construction and Performance

What is a wicking bed? A fully contained, self-watering planting bed that uses capillary action to maintain consistent soil moisture. Wicking beds typically have a reservoir of water stored sub-surface that is passively drawn on by plants as they need it.

Where is a wicking bed appropriate? In very dry climates wicking beds can save enormous amounts of water by Continue reading Wicking Bed Construction and Performance