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Designing the design process.

The Chaordic Stepping Stones

The Chaordic Stepping Stones is a simple planning process that helps create the minimal structure needed to complete a given task – from planning a full-scale broad-acre permaculture project to long-term planning to smaller projects.


Excess structure often retards innovation and contribution, overloads certain individuals/components, and stifles learning, while too little structure can lead to Continue reading The Chaordic Stepping Stones

Team Pulse Design Process

The Team Pulse Design Process is well suited to small to medium sized groups. It’s structure allows people that share a common vision, but perhaps have vastly different strengths, weaknesses, skill sets and biases, to function as a cohesive unit in achieving the end goal of the design process.

The Team Pulse Design Process emerged by necessity and pulls from many excellent group work and decision making methods.  This post contains working descriptions of Continue reading Team Pulse Design Process