Spring ’15 Happenings from Casitas Valley


The first two months on the farm have been fast-paced and filled with joy. Here’s a taste of what we’ve been up to!

Friday March 20th I taught my last class at my first love (you rock Innate!) and dove head on into building our new home on the farm.

We left our place in Mission Canyon after taking it from this… Continue reading Spring ’15 Happenings from Casitas Valley

Garden Metamorphosis

The visual journey of creating a garden from nothing, sometimes planning, sometimes reacting, but always having a blast!

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Choose A Framework For Your Design Process


If the Team Pulse Design Process is a skeleton, think of the various design frameworks within this post as the muscles and organs of a complete iteration of a design process. Time to “flesh out” your design process with a simple design framework.

For this example we’ll use the SADIMET framework Continue reading Choose A Framework For Your Design Process

Wicking Bed Construction and Performance

What is a wicking bed? A fully contained, self-watering planting bed that uses capillary action to maintain consistent soil moisture. Wicking beds typically have a reservoir of water stored sub-surface that is passively drawn on by plants as they need it.

Where is a wicking bed appropriate? In very dry climates wicking beds can save enormous amounts of water by Continue reading Wicking Bed Construction and Performance

The Chaordic Stepping Stones

The Chaordic Stepping Stones is a simple planning process that helps create the minimal structure needed to complete a given task – from planning a full-scale broad-acre permaculture project to long-term planning to smaller projects.


Excess structure often retards innovation and contribution, overloads certain individuals/components, and stifles learning, while too little structure can lead to Continue reading The Chaordic Stepping Stones

7th Generation Design Principle

The “what” to do of regenerating fractured biophysical systems is simple – at least when referring to the outer, physical world we inhabit. We know how to green deserts, purify air, plant the rain and create an abundance of food. We know how to build soils rapidly, grow forests of food and build healthy and completely natural shelter. Some might say we are drowning in the knowledge capital of regeneration. Continue reading 7th Generation Design Principle

Team Pulse Design Process

The Team Pulse Design Process is well suited to small to medium sized groups. It’s structure allows people that share a common vision, but perhaps have vastly different strengths, weaknesses, skill sets and biases, to function as a cohesive unit in achieving the end goal of the design process.

The Team Pulse Design Process emerged by necessity and pulls from many excellent group work and decision making methods.  This post contains working descriptions of Continue reading Team Pulse Design Process