Automated Off-Grid Solar-Powered Irrigation System – DIY Manual


This step-by-step illustrated guide details how to build your own off Solar-Powered Off-Grid Automated Irrigation System that is lightweight and portable (all components weigh less than 35 lbs and fit in wheeled 50 gallon Husky Job Box) for under $700.

Each step of the build is photographed in high definition with written instructions accompanying the photos. Also included is a complete parts sourcing and cost list. Upon purchase you will receive a download link for the PDF manual.


Want to grow plants on that out of the way, marginal piece of land without power? This off-grid irrigation “brain” can help you do it. This is the system that we designed and developed to run our automated misting beds and air pruning beds at Honey Badger Nursery.

NOTE: This system DOES NOT pressurize or pump water – you will need to have water available on-site with adequate pressure to run whatever type of emitters you need.

Tools You Will Need To Complete This Build:

  • screwdriver
  • wire strippers / cutters
  • cordless drill, drill bits and hole saw set, a few screws
  • Voltmeter (optional – for testing electrical connections)

Take A Tour Of The Off-Grid Irrigation System

“Although my application will not be mobile, your instructions met all my needs and have the added benefit of being easy for someone with no experience in this type of thing to build. Thanks Again!” – Don Peabody, Satisfied OGIS Customer