Fair Light Farms Homestead

~ Level 1 – Site Assessment ~

Level 1 – Site Assessment

Location: Navarro, CA

Project Details: 7th Generation Design was invited to perform a Level 1 Site Assessment for the Fair Light Farms homestead in Navarro, CA. Major points of focus included an examination of the existing off-grid solar power generation set up and ways to improve the efficiency of the water pumping and pressurizing infrastructure. The existing cottage on-site is being moved to a new location across the small valley to the western border of the property, and a new residence is being constructed in its place.

The Land: The 10 acre property sits atop a ridge and southwest facing hillside. The upper two acres of the property is deer fenced to protect an establishing botanical garden on the southwest facing slopes. The terrain is quite steep and suffers from some erosion issues in both of the valley draws, with evidence of subterranean piping and slippage.

Sector energies map at Fair Light Farms.

Existing Conditions Basemap

Site Assessment Maps