DIY Design Resources

Resilience Through Functional Design

Online Course

A course designed specifically for the DIY homestead designer. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start in designing more resilience into your home and landscape, RTFD is for you.

Coming Q4 2022

Stay tuned to the blog and our newsletter for releases of open-access educational content that accompanies the course.

Hitting The Mark

Good Design Starts With Knowing Yourself

The very first thing step in any Whole Site Design project is knowing what lies in your head and in your heart. We don’t do any designing until our clients have gone through our Minimum Holistic Goal Setting process (MHG). We offer that process here for you to use, and we strongly encourage you to invest the time necessary to work through the process. This is the ONE thing that will make everything else easier or unnecessary if performed at the outset of a homestead design project.

Video Learning Library

Curated YouTube Playlists

Searching for DIY knowledge on a specific resilience topic?

Browse our extensive library of YouTube playlists covering a wide variety of topics, strategies, techniques and elements.

Book Library

The Books That Have Earned A Lifetime Place In Our Library

Browse the books that we use as reference and education tools for ourselves and our clients. This list of books includes all the ones we keep coming back to year after year.