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Past Workshops

‘All-Hands-On’ Autumn Plant Propagation Workshops – 2021/2022

Hosted by our friends and colleagues at White Buffalo Land Trust at their Summerland location in September ’21 and their flagship Lompoc ranch farm in October ’22 and at as part of their ‘All Hands On’ workshop series. 7th Gen developed the curriculum focused on propagating plants quickly, cheaply from cuttings and seed for homesteaders, ranchers and land stewards looking to revegetate their landscapes without spending a fortune buying in plants.

The workshop day consists of two morning classroom sessions on plant propagation theory and technique and the introduction of the air-pruning technique for propagating trees from seed with highly-branched, non-circling root systems. After lunch, three separate hands-on practicum sessions were held to provide students everything they needed to know to 1) harvest and prepare their own cuttings, 2) construct air-pruning and automated mist propagation beds and create their own soil mixes, 3) set up their own automated irrigation system. Photos credit Kyle Sullivan, White Buffalo Land Trust.