Property Purchase Assessments

What Is A Property Purchase Assessment?

A Property Purchase Assessment is a critical evaluation of the ‘bones’ of a property – what it was, what it is now, and what it is becoming – stood next to the vision and quality of life goals of the prospective buyer.

Our PPAs help potential buyers make the best decisions possible as to whether or not the innate characteristics of the landscape, existing infrastructure, climate, geography, local zoning ordinances, and surrounding community are aligned with realizing their desired quality of life within the bounds of realistic time, energy and financial constraints.

Who is a Property Purchase Assessment for?

We conduct PPAs for prospective buyers of land wanting to evaluate the innate potential of a property for realizing their desired quality of life.

Said another way, a PPA might be for you if you want to know “Can I realistically do what I want to do / build what I want to build / grow what I want to grow on this property?”

What is included in a PPA?

7th Generation Design offers two basic types of Property Purchase Assessments – Remote and On-Site. Remote PPAs are more limited in scope and depth but can be conducted remotely, while On-Site PPAs include a site visit by the design team and are broader in scope and depth in certain areas.

Remote PPA

PPA report including the following:

  • Cadastral Maps and Property Information
  • Topography – site- and watershed-level
  • Temperature Data – typical meteorological year (TMY) and recent year monthly average high and low temperatures at nearest weather stations, chilling hours
  • Precipitation Data – annual rainfall and property and watershed catchment totals, distribution, intensity & recurrence intervals
  • Solar Data – solstice sunrise and sunset times and angles and length of day, monthly average solar insolation levels, typical meteorological year (TMY) and recent year monthly average cloud cover at nearest weather stations
  • Wind Data – typical meteorological year (TMY) and recent year monthly wind speed and direction at nearest weather stations, wind rose showing wind speed and direction distribution.
  • Other Influencing Sectors – legal, fire, views, road and/or neighbor noise, security, contamination, etc.
  • Plant and Animal Community – regional plant and animal community, USDA hardiness zone, sunset climate zone, Koppen-Geiger climate zone
  • Soils – NRCS soil survey data, soils ratings for growing systems
  • Land History – regional history and site-specific past land uses, potential toxin issues pulled from county records.

Cost: $1,150

On-Site PPA

PPA report including the following:

  • All that is included in the Remote PPA plus greater depth assessment of existing conditions for…
    • Water – Identification of any erosion threats, prescriptive recommendations for stopping damage and initiating healing.
    • Access – Access routes and patterns for vehicles and foot traffic (human and animal) assessed for usability, ease and cost of maintenance and efficiency. Identification of intervention points for improvement and cost savings, as well as future problems that should be dealt with in the near term for
    • Shelters – Expanded structures audit, examines siting and construction of individual built structures with regards to energy efficiency, cost of maintenance and disaster preparedness (fire, flood, earthquake etc).

Cost: $1,450 + Travel Expenses

View a sample Property Purchase Assessment report here.

Make sure your dream property is what you need it to be.