What We Do


Walk & Talks

Get a concentrated dose of regenerative design insight as you walk your property with the 7th Generation Design team. You set the priorities and get to pick our brains on the topics most important to you. Low barrier to entry, perfect if you’re still in the idea-generation phase and don’t know what you don’t know.

Level 1 – Site Assessment

A Level 1 is the ‘owner’s manual’ for designing your property. It includes a complete site workup covering climate, topography, soils, water, access and structures – all of the critical contextual information for successful mainframe land development and management decisions. This is the foundational site work up we perform for every Level 2 Whole Site Design.

Level 2 – Whole Site Design

Develop your actionable master plan for creating a resilient, productive and beautiful landscape. Includes prioritized, clear, element-specific plans for water harvesting earthworks, growing and grazing systems, built infrastructure, energy production, enterprise and more.

Level 3 – Implementation

Ready to get it done? Level 3 work can range from detailed project planning and oversight to having us do the work for or with you. We help guide or perform the physical work required to set your land on the path toward perennial abundance. Best performed after a Level 2 Whole Site Design or equivalent master planning work.



  • Passive Water Harvesting Earthworks
  • Low-Tech Erosion Control Structures
  • Spring Development
  • Distribution
  • Production Irrigation Systems


  • Access patterning and retrofit for four-season functionality
  • Erosion prevention & repair for improved site hydrology


  • Cob, slip straw, earth bag, & pallet-framed structures

Living Systems

  • Nutrient Cycling: Flow-through vermicomposters, charcoal & biochar, Johnson-Su BioReactors, bokashi composting, thermophilic composting, compost tea brewing.
  • Production Systems: annual (market gardens, wicking beds), perennial (agroforestry systems – silvopastures, forest gardens, multi-species orchards, fuelwood plantings).
  • Plant & Tree Propagation Systems: automated misting beds and air pruning beds.

Energy Systems

  • Generation (off-grid solar, micro hydro, micro wind)
  • Storage (battery banks)
  • Distribution (100% DC mainframe distribution)


DIY Manuals

Tried and true systems that we use to produce high value natural capital (trees, plants, animals, insects and the by-products they produce) that can be exchanged for financial capital as part of a regenerative enterprise. Once we have a system dialed-in, we document it and create an inexpensive e-book so you can build your own.


If you are interested in having 7th Gen facilitate a workshop on a particular subject, please reach out and start a conversation with us. We love teaching people how to do for themselves in all things self-reliance. Visit our Workshops page for a list of past workshops we have led and browse our article library for topic ideas!