Level 3- Implementation & Oversight

What is Level 3 – Implementation & Oversight?

Phased implementation is the next step after a Level 2 Whole Site Design. It’s time to put in the actual infrastructure that yields the desired design functions. Planning and ordering the implementation of the many elements within a Whole Site Design is critical to achieving the goals set forth at the project’s inception. This is best done in phases that mutually support one another, create leveraged momentum, and maximize limited resources to their fullest extent.

Implementation & Oversight describes the range of roles that 7th Gen can play in helping you plan / build / grow / manage the integrated systems that make for a resilient and abundant landscape, enterprise or homestead.

This is the ‘nuts and bolts’ level of detailed planning that goes into implementing regenerative systems and the sweat equity of getting the actual work done.

If you’ve gone through the Level 2 – Whole Site Design process with us, or done equivalent work on your own or with another design outfit, we can help you implement parts of your design.

NOTE: In order for 7th Generation Design to take on installation of specific elements or systems on your land, the element in question needs to;

  1. Have a net-positive effect on the overall ecosystem health of the property and its surrounds,
  2. Be integrated into a larger plan – a system of systems. We don’t do one-off installations and we don’t “fight fires” and we don’t put lipstick on pigs. If there is an underlying design flaw decreasing energy efficiency and resiliency, and increasing the cost of maintaining and operating the system, we will first need to address the root cause of that friction – generally this is done through some form of Whole Site/Systems Design, whether through us, another regenerative design outfit, or done yourself.

Who is Level 3 – Implementation & Oversight for?

Market garden and water harvesting earthworks installation.

What kinds of things can 7th Gen help with?

The 7th Generation Design team can help you implement the following types of systems and elements in your design:

  • Water
    • Passive Water Harvesting: Earthworks including swales, infiltration basins/pocket ponds, keyline subsoiling, earthen drains, berms, terraces, small ponds, spring development.
    • Active Water Harvesting: water storage tanks and associated plumbing, stock tanks, greywater systems
    • Erosion Control Structures: headcut repair structures, flow spreaders, flow concentrators, grade control structures, aggradation structures, drains.
    • Irrigation Systems: for annual and perennial production, livestock watering, plant propagation.
  • Access
    • Wheeled Access: Low-standard road retrofits (usually in concert with erosion control structures).
    • Foot Access: various types of foot access – hardscapes, softscapes, bioscapes.
  • Structures
    • Earth bag structures like fire circles, benches, garden walls etc.
  • Living Systems
    • Nutrient Cycling Systems
      • Flow-through vermicomposter systems, Johnson-Su BioReactors, biochar production, bokashi composting, thermophilic composting, compost tea brewing.
    • Production Systems
      • Annual: market gardens, raised bed gardens, wicking beds.
      • Perennial: agroforestry systems like food forests, forest gardens, silvopasture, multi-species orchards, fuelwood and biomass plantings, reforestation. Grazing plans.
    • Propagation Systems: Automated Misting Beds (for propagating plants from cuttings) and Air Pruning Beds (for propagating trees and other perennials from seed).
  • Energy Systems
    • Generation: Off-grid 100% DC solar systems, micro-hydro systems, micro-wind systems.
    • Storage: Battery banks and mainframe distribution wiring
    • Water Pumping
      • Mechanically-Driven Pumps: hand pumps, nose pumps, wind-driven pumps, waterwheel pumps.
      • Water-Driven Pumps: ram pumps, river pumps and bunyip pumps.
      • Electric Pumps: DC and AC

View A Sample L3 – Implementation Plan HERE.

Browse past Level 3 consultancies on our Level 3 Portfolio Page

How much does Level 3 Implementation & Oversight cost?

Process Timeline: Project and element dependent.

Site Visits: As required for planning, implementation and oversight.

Rate: $100/designer hour

Price: Estimates and quotes developed on a per project or element basis.

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