Uncovering Your Purpose, Creating Your Vision, And Bringing It To Life.

~ A Process Roadmap ~

If you manage any land at all, whether it be a single garden bed or thousands of acres of rangeland, you are likely no stranger to idea overwhelm.

It happens to all of us, and it happens more frequently the more deeply you care about your land.

When making land management decisions with a specific goal or vision in mind we are trying to be appropriate in the moment – we want what we decide and act upon (in the now) to contribute to our larger vision for what can be someday.

Aligning present actions with future outcomes doesn’t happen by wishing it so, nor does it stem from luck.

There is a process to it.

What follows is a meta-process; a roadmap linking the most effective tools and methods we have thus far used for aligning present day decision-making and action-taking with long-term manifestation of one’s purpose.

The Meta-Process: In A Nutshell


The meta-process begins with surfacing your own purpose – clarifying it  and distilling it until it is a crystal clear statement of why you are here. This statement resonates so strongly with the truth of your being that your heart rate elevates when you speak it!

Once you know why you are here, then it is time to put together a clear someday vision of what your life looks like with your why fully realized.

Using this someday vision as your starting place, it is now time to backcast to the present moment – to create a roadmap that leads from someday to right now.

Once the roadmap is showing the way, the time comes to start taking steps – to begin acting in order of priority. Use something like the Focusing Question below make sure you are taking appropriate action in the present moment.

Here we go!




You have a purpose. Even if you cannot currently speak it clearly, it is there. We use the word “uncover” because that is what most of us need to do this day in age when reconnecting with our purpose. Purpose gets smothered, drowned out, and paved over by a world that wants you to fit into its pre-defined, safe, known-potential molds. Your first step is to peel, scrape and power-wash all of the shoulds out of your inner garden and grow something of your own.

There are many ways to do this. Below is a short list of some methods that have proven themselves for us over the years.

Self Authoring

Directed personal writing assignments

The ONE Thing

3-Step Purpose Finding Exercise PDF

The Chaordic Stepping Stones

Lifestyle Design Version

Ambition Mapping

Public Google Doc




How will your life need to be to realize your purpose? Answering this question creates a barometer to help you feel when you’re on or off track.

We call this step the Minimum Holistic Goal. It provides you with enough structure to start, assured you are heading in the right direction, as well as a litmus test to validate future decisions. In creating your MHG, you will determine three things; 1) who holds decision making powers, 2) what your desired quality of life is, and 3) what forms of production are needed to realize it.

The entire Minimum Holistic Goal setting process is outlined for you HERE.




Having a vision is great. Knowing the steps to take to realize it is even better. Below are two methods of backcasting that have proven effective for us over the years – the Strategic Planning Framework and The ONE Thing. Either one is capable of developing a clear, step-wise roadmap to realizing your desired quality of life as stated in your MHG. We highly recommend this step!

Trust the process and see it through.

Strategic Planning Framework






– – – – – – – – – –



Download the Strategic Planning Framework PDF


The ONE Thing

Goals Set To Now 

Goal – Priorities – Strategies

4 weeks – 1 month – 1 year

Get the book




“What is the ONE thing I can do, such that by doing it, will make everything else easier or unnecessary?”

Asking the Focusing Question will help you determine how to act appropriately in the moment.

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