Minimum Holistic Goal – Submission Form

It’s time to get the wheels of action turning. The purpose of a Minimum Holistic Goal is to have a baseline from which to test the beliefs you hold, the decisions you will make and the resulting actions you will take as you work to create the life/impact/project/process that you desire. A Minimum Holistic Goal is just that – the bare minimum required to start. Your MHG will change over time as you work with it and evolve it with new understanding and experience – it is not meant to be cast in stone. It will be enough to get your first steps towards realizing your vision headed in the right direction.

How To Use This Page

Complete the three sections below by answering each question to the best of your current knowledge (we recommend going old school here – write it out on pen and paper). Set aside 90 minutes of dedicated thinking time for this in a place where you and your partner(s) won’t be disturbed. Use the example links highlighted in orange on the public Minimum Holistic Goal page to see examples of past submissions.

NOTE: We recommend that you complete this web form in a single browser session if at all possible to avoid the risk of losing your answers in an un-submitted form if/when the browser cache refreshes. You may make a copy or download the form using the link below. We recommend writing out your answers in an offline environment, and then using that document to copy and paste your answers in.

Minimum Holistic Goal Creation Process – Google Document

To make a copy, go to File > Make A Copy and a copy of this document will be created in your Google Drive, which you can then share with us when you have completed it.

To download, go to File > Download > Microsoft Word (or other appropriate word processing format) and download the file to your computer and use your desktop word processor to fill in your answers and email the form to us at

Please add your responses where there is an [X] next to the relevant question.

Target Outcomes For This Exercise

  1. Section 1: Defining The Economic Whole Under Management
    • Purpose: To develop a clear, concise understanding of who makes what decisions and what powers they have to allocate what resources are available.
  2. Section 2: Create Your Quality Of Life Statement
    • Purpose: To create an inspiring, co-owned Quality of Life Statement that you can use to vet future decisions and their resultant actions. “Am I deciding and acting in alignment with my highest aspirations, values and vision?”
  3. Section 3: List Necessary Forms Of Production
    • Know what you must produce, who you need to work with, and the human community you need to surround yourself in order to realize your Quality of Life Statement.

Ultimately, if you are very purposeful with your words, you can fit all of this easily onto one page. If its more than that, typically there are things that can and ought to be slimmed down or eliminated. Keep it simple! Simple is clear, and clear is powerful.