8 Critically Important Design Principles, Strategies And Techniques To Make Your Land More Beautiful, Resilient And Productive While Avoiding Expensive Mistakes!

Inside we cover in detail…

  • The Most Overlooked Way To Save Time, Energy And Money For The Long Haul When Managing Land.
  • How To Consciously Unplug From The Energy Consumption Matrix And Make Your Life Simpler, Healthier, Less Expensive And More Resilient.
  • How To Put Water To Work – By Not Paying For It Twice!
  • Why Aligning Your Needs With What Your Land Wants To Be Is A Powerful Resilience Lever!
  • The ONE THING That Makes Everything Else Easier Or Unnecessary That Nobody Does!
  • Type 1 Errors – What They Are And How To Avoid Them.
  • How To Design Your Property To Be Anti-Fragile In The Face Of Man-Made Disasters And Natural Phenomena.
  • Why Production Is The Key To A Healthy Bottom Line (i.e. Passively Pad Your Pockets)!

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The old paradigms are broken…

It’s time for a new story of how we can be on this earthA story born of place and and grounded by our connection to it. What story will your legacy tell?

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