Atascadero Family Homestead

~ Level 2 Whole Site Design ~

Level 2 – Whole Site Design

Location: Atascadero, CA

Project Details: 7th Generation Design was invited to develop a design for a newly acquired 1.3 acre homestead located within the historic flood plain of the Salinas River in Atascadero, CA. The family is interested in creating additional income streams through a rental dwelling unit, re-treeing the property to grow some very needed shade, and in creating a functional gathering space for fostering community connections with fire circles, rights of passage, sweat lodges and seasonal gatherings.

The Land: The lot is almost perfectly flat, with less than 1 foot of elevation change end to end. Soils are quite sandy with some clay, and are historically excellent agricultural soils. Many years of over-use and constant livestock pressure have left the soils dominated by annual weeds. One giant legacy sycamore tree remains on the property.

Needs: Visual privacy from close neighbors and sound abatement from the road, along with growing shade trees and re-patterning vehicle access to the property were primary design considerations to help create a more inviting, people-friendly environment, especially during the long, hot dry seasons.

Additional elements included in the design:

  • Access planning and shade structures around the barn to be remodeled into a rental unit.
  • Centrally located kitchen garden space.
  • Silvopasture agroforestry zones planted for animal and human yields.
  • Greywater and roof run-off infiltration basins.
  • Privacy “fedges” (food hedges) planting along access lines creating gradients of communal and private spaces.
  • Parking patterning and driveway relocation for residents and guests.
  • Earthbag sound-reduction wall with integrated planters.
  • Siting for a tiny house complex with outdoor living room, inipi sweat lodge, moon tent, livestock pens and housing (sheep, chickens, rabbits), greenhouse, shadehouse, outdoor kitchen, compost toilet and outdoor shower.
Whole property aerial shot.

Design Map

Design Map Call Outs